We realize customized monitoring systems from the simplest alarm design up to more complex systems. These include bilge and smoke alarms, navigation lights, fuel and water monitoring, power generators, battery chargers, electric consumption and engine monitoring.

The information coming from these systems can be easily visualized on touch-screens, customized for the customer. One of our strengths is the ability to realize integrated dashboards for overall boat control and monitoring. We can do so thanks to our long-lasting collaboration with Böning Automationstechnologie GmbH & Co.KG, this allows our clients to enjoy the best performing experience of boat monitoring. This service is available either for new ships and for ships in need of upgrades.

In detail

  • Signal and data collection via electronic chips
  • Programming of devices for signal elaboration
  • Realization of customized touch-screen
  • Simulation tests in the workshop
  • Test of all functions onboard
  • System delivery and crew training
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