Service / Refitting

The story does not end with the boat delivery. It continues in the following years when the boat systems may require upgrades, repairs or modifications.

We have developed a trusted relationship with our clients, GIN srl still works today with old-dated clients and captains who still rely on us for repairs or upgrades.

These services are not just limited to Italy, we have worked in Greece, Malta, France, Spain, Croatia, etc.

Refitting services cover several kinds of interventions, depending on the customer’s needs.

The services we have provided include:

  • Dashboard and equipment upgrade
  • Upgrade or renovation of monitoring systems with the best available technology
  • Upgrade or renovation of electric panels, batteries and equipment of the engine room
  • Extension and upgrade of existing systems with fire alarms, battery chargers and illumination
  • Upgrade of control devices like propellers and engine commands, navigation lights or aerials.
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